Upgrade and RedesignFebruary 16th, 2011 Upgrade and Redesign

February 16, 2010 – On Monday the MCLA (Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association) officially launched a new and greatly improved website, including publishing archived statistics for both teams, current players, and alumni plus a variety of other components that create a more engaging experience for visitors.

“The MCLA has rolled out a new version of its website and the initial response from the MCLA lacrosse community has been very positive. The new look and feel comes from a lot of hard work, and the vision of the designer and expertise of the programmer,” says Michael Martin, the league secretary.

In an interview with Tony Scazzero, the President of the MCLA, who is also a member of the US Lacrosse Board of Directors, he added his input on the new design: “Changing the look keeps our site fresh, but the ability to navigate easily through players, stats, teams, games, game sites and matchups is really a tremendous step forward. Our web team of Agent Ogden and Will Duderstadt have taken the massive amounts of data and converted it into usable current information for our users with a great user interface.”

One of the most significant components to is the ‘Headline’ and ‘Around the League’ sections. In the Headline section, the most recent official MCLA announcements are just a click away. In the ‘Around the League’ section, the latest news from teams in the MCLA is offered, whether it is game recaps, or other team-related activities going on around the league. Each Conference of the MCLA has access to publish news to the site on behalf of their teams.

A major and welcome addition to is the historical statistics that have been made public. “The website features several new presentations in team and personal formats. Access to personal career information should appeal to both current and past players,” says Martin. When discussing the accuracy and completeness of the archived data, Will Duderstadt, web developer points out, “Within the past few years, MCLA teams have drastically improved their record keeping processes. It is possible some visitors may find discrepancies in the finer details of previous game play. We ask that any requests to correct statistics be compiled by teams and sent to Conference Directors.” Likewise, Duderstadt noted instructions for supplying player headshots will be sent directly to team representatives and coaches via their Conference Directors.

Additional Highlights of the redesign include:

The upgraded has received a great deal of attention since the initial launch. “Site traffic on the first day of the rollout exceeded 60,000+ page views, with half of that traffic coming from our social media efforts with Google and Facebook,” says Scazzero.

With the new official website, and all of its useful tools, the MCLA is hoping to expand its audiences both within the US, as well as around the world of lacrosse. “The MCLA is very pleased with the new features and capabilities [of] and the way it portrays and promotes our brand of lacrosse. We live in an information age and these enhancements put us in front of the curve,” says Scazzero in a final statement.

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The Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) is a national organization of non-NCAA, college lacrosse programs. The MCLA currently operates in the US and Canada with 213 teams in two divisions, across ten conferences.

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